Автокераторефрактометр topcon kr 8900 инструкция скачать и инструкции о пропускном режиме на предприятии скачать

The new KR-8900 represents Topcon's latest generation of automated refraction technology. The KR-8900 maintains Topcon's core accuracy by utilizing our. This User Manual provides an overview of the basic operation, troubleshooting, checking, maintenance and cleaning of the TOPCON Auto Kerato-Refractometer KR-1. To get the . CLASSIC: Equivalent with RM/KR-8900 Classic Ophthalmic Optical Equipment: KR 8900 Autorefractor Visual Field Non Contact Tonometer Slit Lamp Zeiss IOL US 866.934.1030 CAN 888.259.0588. INSTRUCTION MANUAL. AUTO REFRACTOMETER. RM-8900 TOPCON shall not take any responsibility for damage due to fire, earthquakes, actions.

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